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              Established in August, 1970, SHING SHENG FA BOATBUILDING CO., LTD. was aimed to develop coastal and offshore vessels with the advanced materials and energy saving technology thus to raise the Taiwan shipbuilding level.

              Our factory has been operating for forty years and successfully manufactured, delivered nearly thousand of ships, more than eight hundred were offshore vessels. Our products were highly complimented by our customers from all over Taiwan including Kaohsiung, Tungkang, Limpien, Hengchun, Taitung, Hualien, Suao, Keelung, Green Island, Lanyu, Chinmen and Matsu, etc.

              As we're always pursuing the highest quality from design stage to delivery we had invested the professional design software for vessels from oversea so that we could study the whole construction in advance, minimize and prevent the possible mistakes and manual negligence.

              The various F.R.P. vessels we manufactured are strong and durable, with attractive cosmetic look as well as low maintenance. Other than domestic market we also exported to many other countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Micronesia, Australia, and Japan the owners were all very satisfied with the finish quality of our 1 gom ty le keo malaysia.

              Our facilities were qualified by Chinese Register of Shipping and we had built several vessels with Lloyd's and DNV Classification. We're appointed for Navy satellite factory in 1973 and we had repaired and refitted many ships. In 1981, under the Government Fishery Dept. encouragement we developed 6 types of qualified energy saving fishing vessels from 10 to 95 tons. Meanwhile, we made our best effort to learn the latest skills and train our workers, strengthened the quality control and expanded the manufacturing plants due to the increasing export orders. We further set up an individual Yacht Division, Zhen Shing Yachts in 2005, specializing in manufacturing the luxury and high quality pleasure 1 gom ty le keo malaysia from 36' up to 85'.

              Our 16,500 square meter shipyard buildings with deep water frontage in Kaohsiung Harbour. Facilities include very large lamination and construction area, carpentry and joinery workshop, on-site launching system and commissioning docks. Now we've employed about 100 experienced technicians and workers. We have been in the business for 4 decades and are a well recognizable and reputable boatbuilder based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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                    Professional Manufacturer of fishing 1 gom ty le keo malaysia, passenger 1 gom ty le keo malaysia, working 1 gom ty le keo malaysia, yachts and other 1 gom ty le keo malaysia.

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